Business Fields

02:33' CH - Friday, 29/05/2015

A- Insurance business:
1. Oil & Gas Insurance:
- Bodily injury and Property damage Insurance for oil and gas lease Operators, drilling contractors and oil or gas well service contractors.
- Drilling Barge - All risks.
- Platform - All risks
- Oil and gas well drilling equipment floater (All risks).
- Energy Exploration and development (Control of Well)
- Offshore construction projects (Welcar).

2. Marine Insurance:
- Hull
- P & I
- Personal Accident of Crew
- Cargo (by air, by sea, by train, by land)
- Engineering Insurance
- Construction all risks
- Erection all risks
- Electronic equipment
- Machinery breakdown

3. Property Insurance:
- Property all risks
- Fire & special risks
- Money insurance
- Theft insurance

4. Liability Insurance:
- Third party Liability
- Product Liability
- Workmen Compensation
- Public liability
- Professional indemnity insurance design and consult risks
- Professional indemnity
- Workmen Compensation for Construction Projects (compulsory)

5. Personal Insurance:
- Personal accident insurance
- Hospitalization and surgical allowance.
- Comprehensive Personal Insurance
- Travel Insurance inside Vietnam
- Travel Insurance for Vietnamese Traveling abroad
- Travel Insurance for Foreigners in Vietnam
- Personal Accident Insurance for Foreigners with limit liability above 10,000 USD

6. Motor Vehicle Insurance:
- Motor Vehicle Owners' Civil Liability for Third Party and Passengers
- Motor Vehicle Owners' Civil Liability to Goods in Transit
- Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Insurance
- Personal Accident of Drivers, Drivers' Assistants and Passengers.

7. Voluntary Medical Insurance

8. Other Insurance

B- Life insurance business:
- Protection.
- Health and wellness.
- Children's future.
- Wealth with protection.
- Solution to retain your talent.

C- Reinsurance business:
- Inward Reinsurance.
- Outward Reinsurance.

D- Investment activities:

E- Other Services:
- Risk management and Consultancy
- Survey, inspection, loss adjusting, claims compensation and subrogation, etc.

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