Collecting Shareholders's opinion in written 2020

03:26' CH - Thứ hai, 31/08/2020

1. Announcement from PVI that Collecting Shareholders'' opnion in written and Last day of Registration for receiving dividends 2019 (file attached)

2. Nomination and self-nomination to supplement members of PVI's Board of Directors for the remaining time of 2017-2022 (file attached)

3. Nomination from PVN for PVI's BOD

3.1 CV of Mr Doan Linh

4. Dr.Hinsch's Letter of Resignation

4.1 Withdraw the Letter of Resignation

5. Proposal of PVI's BOD to AGM about personel organisation

6. Report on personel nomination for the remaining time 2017-2022

7. Voting Guidelines

8. AGM's feedback form

9. Authorization form

10. Draft of AGM's Resolution

11. Vote counting minutes of collecting written opinion from shareholders

PVI Share

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