Elimination of unfair competition in the insurance market: Don’t be all talk but no action!

22/08/2017 06:22' CH
With a view to create equality and ensure financial transparency, the non-life insurance market continues to make great efforts to deal with the two inherent problems, namely non-technical competition (through lowering premiums) and insurance fraud. However, in fact, information on violations is still "hushed up".

Asia: Poor standards of factory farming creates investment risks

17/08/2017 11:24' SA
Global investors, including pensions and savings funds could face investment risks due to poor standards of food safety, antibiotic use and environmental management in the Asian meat, dairy and seafood sector, according to a new report.

An increasingly fierce race takes place in non-life insurance market

04/08/2017 06:11' CH
The Insurance Supervisory Authority, Ministry of Finance, said that in the first six months of this year, the non-life insurance market achieved an impressive growth rate, with the estimated total revenue of VND19,340 billion. Reports on revenue from insurers also showed numerous impressive results.

Numerous proposals put forward to help fishermen

02/08/2017 06:18' CH
Supporting fishermen in supervising the shipbuilding, allowing fishermen to choose their own insurance companies ... are proposals set forth at the review conference of the shipbuilding program under the Decree 67 of the Government, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung in the morning of August 01, 2017.

Cyber insurance expected to be growth area: A.M. Best

28/06/2017 10:49' SA
A report by A.M. Best has found cyber insurance to be one of the leading growth areas in the property and casualty market.

Quarter I/2017: Insurance market maintained sustainable growth

08/06/2017 05:55' CH
According to the latest figures of the Insurance Supervisory Authority, Ministry of Finance, the insurance market in the first three months of 2017 continued to witness impressive growth with the estimated total premium revenue of VND 21,874 billion, increasing by 19.33% (as compared to the same period last year).

HDI Global maintaining a smooth line

18/05/2017 02:46' CH
Commercial Risk Europe Editor Adrian Ladbury interviewed Christian Hinsch, CEO of HDI Global SE: Recent results from the international insurance and reinsurance market have shown once again how difficult it can be to maintain a steady and consistent growth path in this tough operating environment. HDI Global SE, however, appears to achieve exactly what serious long-term customers and investors seek from their risk carriers. HDI’s Dr Christian Hinsch told Commercial Risk Europe that, as in motor racing, there is no magic formula. The key is maintaining a consistently smooth driving line, properly assessing the risks and being strong enough to avoid manoeuvres that could lead to a calamitous crash.
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PVI Financial Statements 2016

PVI would like to present the audited financial statements of the year 2016 to our valued shareholders, clients and partners
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