PVI Board of Directors held the second regular meeting in 2017

10:18' SA - Friday, 30/06/2017

On 27th June, 2017, PVI Holdings (PVI) held the second regular meeting of the Board of Directors in 2017. The meeting evaluated the business results of the first quarter and first five months of 2017; and also set out orientations and strategic measures to achieve the business targets.

By the end of the first quarter of 2017, PVI has exceeded the business plan targets. Total consolidated revenue of PVI reached VND 2,191 billion, fulfilling 110% of the plan; Consolidated pretax profit of PVI reached VND 135 billion, fulfilling 112% of the plan. Total revenue of the parent company reached VND 183 billion, fulfilling 134% of the plan; Pretax profit of parent company was VND 117 billion, fulfilling 172% of the plan. It is expected that PVI will also successfully complete the business plan targets for the first six months of 2017.

In particular, its non-life insurance arm continued to lead the market in terms of underwriting profits, the reinsurance arm developed in the right direction, investment activities and asset management continued to be strengthened. PVI brand is trusted by customers and prestigious organizations – the fourth time voted in the top 50 best listed companies 2017 by Forbes Vietnam.

At the meeting, the Board of Directors continued to strengthen the personnel of the committees after appointing Chairmen of the committees at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Board of Directors also discussed the strategic orientations and solutions to improve the business performance of PVI, ensuring the fulfillment of business targets in 2017.

PVI Share

PVI Financial Statements 2016

PVI would like to present the audited financial statements of the year 2016 to our valued shareholders, clients and partners
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