PVI has exceeded its business targets for the first half of 2017

05:00' CH - Friday, 14/07/2017

On 12th July 2017, at its head office – PVI Tower, PVI Holdings (PVI) successfully organized the conference reviewing the first 6-month business results and deploying the second 6-month business plans.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of PVI and Mr. Bui Van Thuan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, CEO of PVI. The conference was attended by representatives of strategic partners - HDI Global, PVI’s Board of Management, Trade Union, Youth Union, member companies in the PVI system including PVI Insurance Corporation and its branches, PVI Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation, PVI Asset Management JSC, Vietnam Asset Development JSC.

Chairman Nguyen Anh Tuan and CEO Bui Van Thuan run the conference

In the first 6 months of 2017, in spite of facing numerous challenges from the market in general and the oil and gas industry in particular, PVI has achieved positive results.

Consolidated business results: Total revenue was estimated at VND 4,482 billion, fulfilling 108.4% of the 6-month plan, equal to 51% of the annual plan. Pretax profit was estimated at VND 310 billion, fulfilling 118.5% of the 6-month plan, equal to 52% of the annual plan.

The parent company’s business result: Total revenue is estimated at VND 335 billion, fulfilling 121% of the 6-month plan, equal to 49% of the year plan. Pretax profit is estimated at VND 202 billion, fulfilling 144% of the 6-month plan, equal to 50% of the year plan.

Chairman Nguyen Anh Tuan addressed the conference

CEO Bui Van Thuan concluded the conference

Along with the excellent completion of business targets, PVI has successfully fulfilled its planned tasks for the first 6 months of 2017. Non-life insurance has maintained its leading position in the corporate risk market and strengthened its control over the retail system. Reinsurance activities continued to align with strategic direction and remained profitable. Regarding investment activities, although the financial market has seen many inherent risks, deposit interest rates remained low, PVI’s investment and asset management activities continued to contribute to PVI's overall profits.

PVI shares continued to trend up and became one of the attractive shares for investors in 2017. Closing PVI share price as of 30/06/2017 reached VND 33,700 per share, up 34.8% compared to 31/12/2016.

Besides, PVI continues to affirm its prestigious brand in the market, among customers and investors. In 2017, it is the fourth time PVI was listed in the top 50 best listed companies on the Vietnam stock market and the second time listed in the top 40 most valuable brands in Vietnam by the reputable business magazine Forbes Vietnam.

At the conference, a number of collectives and individuals were also praised and rewarded for their outstanding achievements in the first half of 2017.

Addressing the conference, Chairman Nguyen Anh Tuan affirmed that the strength of PVI was based on the strength of the whole system and its prestigious brand. However, facing significant internal and external challenges in the coming time, the Chairman emphasized that PVI should focus on strengthening the human resource system in the spirit of self-dertermination, self-improvement; promoting the power of PVI system; continuously building and developing PVI brand name in the field of Finance - Insurance.

CEO Bui Van Thuan concluded the meeting, acknowledging the efforts of all employees to overachieve business targets for the first half of 2017; At the same time, he said the whole PVI needed to promote its strengths to overcome challenges, achieve business objectives and successfully complete the business plan for the year 2017.

Performance by PVI’s Youth Union at the conference

PVI Share

PVI Financial Statements 2016

PVI would like to present the audited financial statements of the year 2016 to our valued shareholders, clients and partners
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