Vietnam Asset Development JSC signed the transfer contract of A1TT1 Project at West Lake Urban Area

03:34' CH - Friday, 23/06/2017

On the afternoon of June 13th, 2017, at the office of THT Development Co., Ltd. (15th Floor, Daeha Business Center, 360 Kim Ma Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi), the contract signing ceremony was held between the Vietnam Asset Development JSC ("VAD") and the THT Development Co., Ltd. ("THT") in order to transfer the A1TT1 component project in the Center of the West Lake Urban Area.

The signing ceremony is a milestone in the long-term cooperation between the two parties, as well as creating the basic premise for VAD to officially become the investor of A1TT1 project.

Mr. Tran Tung Linh – CEO of VAD (Sitting on the left) and Mr. Chun Dae Am - CEO of THT (Sitting on the right) are signing the contract

Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors of VAD, Mr. Tran Tung Linh – CEO of VAD, Mr. Chun Dae Am - CEO of THT, Mr. Yang Seok Keun - Deputy CEO of THT and other key management personnel of the two companies.

The two parties both discussed and agreed to enter into a contract to transfer a part of the project of the center of Tay Ho Tay urban area at the plot named A1TT1. The signing of this contract has brought the relationship between the two companies to a new height, tightening the cooperation between the two parties to jointly build and develop the project with the synchronous, modern world-class method in Vietnam, and together bringing benefits to both VAD and THT.

The contract signing ceremony for the transfer of a part of the project located in the center of Tay Ho Tay urban area

The signing ceremony was a success

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